TranSystems Corporation

TranSystems is the largest consulting firm solely focused on transportation design.  This focus provides a thorough understanding of how all modes of transportation inter-relate. Our size of more than 800 transportation-focused, multi-modal personnel makes us large enough to provide deep resources but small enough to easily mobilize our bench strength.  We are a leading supplier of engineering and planning services to transit agencies, commuter railroads, and state DOT transit operators nationwide. We routinely partner with transit agencies around the country, from localized bus services to high speed intercity rail systems, and from bus rapid transit systems to aviation-rail links to perform design services related to State of Good Repair programs and through system expansion projects. Our transit team has worked collaboratively with the FTA and the FRA on projects in 30 states and our personnel are experts within their disciplines. 

Our professionals hold committee positions within the TRB, APTA, and AREMA and have also received industry awards for their innovative concepts and design of complex transit infrastructure. We have experience with all modes of transit including commuter rail, high speed rail, bus rapid transit, and light rail. TranSystems’ engineers are skilled with track alignment and design, rail and transit bridges, maintenance facilities, operation centers and the entire station environment including platforms, canopies, parking lots, access roadways, and environmentally friendly passenger structures. Our in-house transportation architects have designed state-of-the-art multimodal centers, airport rail terminals, and even climate responsive bus shelters, as well as sensitive redevelopment of historic railroad stations.

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