Luminator Technology Group

Luminator Technology Group offers a fully integrated, cost-effective, and reliable suite of transit technology solutions that deliver intelligence, safety, and efficiency to your transit system.

Luminator understands and is addressing your top goals in transit technology. We recognize your need to drive efficiency and manage costs in the purchase and operation of transit technologies. We recognize your desire to keep your operators and passengers safe. We also understand that you want technology that provides actionable data to you and timely information to your passengers to keep them well informed. The waves of new technology meeting these needs continue to create new complexities and new costs to evaluate in your transit strategy and purchasing process. Luminator not only recognizes this, but has been building a global organization to take on those rising complexities and choices and deliver a full suite of technology solutions that benefit transit agencies and operators, now and in the future.

Luminator is investing in solutions that provide you current and future value — Luminator is worth specifying by name.

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