Adelee Le Grand

Vice President Strategic Advisory/Client Relations
Transdev North America

Adelee Le Grand is a Vice President of Strategic Advisory for Transdev North America, with over 20 years of experience. She is passionate about utilizing mobility as a tool to create and sustain vibrant equitable communities. Through contract agreements with Transdev North America, which is one of the largest providers of mobility solutions in the United States of America and abroad, Adelee has led the advancement of new mobility solutions for several transit agencies.

• Currently, as an Executive Advisor to MARTA she is leading the development of the agencies post Pandemic Transformation Plan. • As the Chief Mobility Officer for the Atlanta‐region Transit Link Authority (ATL), she led the development of a strategic Roadmap for the recently formed state authority. • As the Chief Strategy Officer in service to the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority, she led the development of the first Strategic Mobility Plan for the New Orleans Region.

Her motto is, “It is not about the project, it is about how the project improves the community.”

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